As the investigators are still looking for crucial clues in the disappearance of one-year-old Kansas City girl, Lisa Irwin, new developments have taken place.

Various media reports have cited a statement by the lawyer of Lisa's parents, John Picerno, on the girl's first birthday last Friday which indicate that Lisa's parents - Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin - are the prime suspects in the case.

Picerno statement said that police were absolutely focusing on his clients and they also indicated that their initial interview with the police had involved accusatory tactics.

However, the investigators have been saying that they have no suspects in the case right now. Police still want to sit down with the girl's parents for further rounds of interviews to get more details in the case. But Picerno said his clients were not ready for that.

Before Picerno took over the case from Sean O'Brien two weeks ago, Bradley and Irwin had already gone through three rounds of interviews. O'Brien had called off further interviews because of the accusatory nature of police questioning.

It was clear to me it was not going to produce any relevant information, O'Brien said.

They still wanted to give information because they know the police are the best hope of finding their baby, he added.

Lisa was found missing Oct. 4 when her father, Jeremy Irwin, returned from New York. The police focused much on homeless Johny Tanko who worked in the Irwin family's neighborhood. However, in mid-October, they said that Tanko had nothing to do with the vanishing of the baby. Kansas City Police Dept. spokesperson Steve Young told KCTV: We spoke to him and are moving on.

Meanwhile, the mother of Lisa's 8-year-old half-brother has sought temporary custody of the boy. In a petition filed in Clay County, Rasleen Raim sought to modify the parents' child custody and visitation agreement.

Now, more than ever, she is concerned about 'her baby's' comfort and peace of mind. Rasleen misses her son and has always, and will forever, love him, Rasleen's attorney Dorothy Savory said in a statement.

In addition to that, Rasleen also wanted her son's photo removed from Web sites during the investigation.