New details have emerged in the missing baby Lisa Irwin's case, but authorities are careful about revealing them.

A new report has surfaced about the missing baby and her mother, Deborah Bradley. Bradley's cellphone records were reportedly examined by the authorities. The night when baby Lisa Irwin went missing, someone tried to use her mother's cellphone to call a woman whose ex-boyfriend has a criminal history of break-ins in the surrounding area of the family's Kansas City home, according to police.

The woman in question to whom the call was made is Megan Wright who is an ex-girlfriend of neighborhood repairperson John Tanko. Tanko, who has a criminal history, was repeatedly questioned by the police in this case. Wright admitted that she had dated Tanko, better known as Jersey, for five months.

However, Wright, who is staying at a home a mile away from Bradley, has denied the reports, saying that she had never received the call from Bradley's cellphone.

According to the investigators, the phone call was made from Bradley's cellphone to the home of Wright, who is at present living with her boyfriend.

Wright said that her phone was shared with seven other people and she did not have the phone in her custody when the alleged call was made.

However, a Wright's home resident opposed her statement and said they did not share phones. Lisa's parents also said that they were not in a condition of making any phone calls in the night the baby disappeared, reported

Since parents were not in a condition to make phone calls on that night, it is suspected that someone else must have entered their home and used their phone to place a call to someone on Megan's phone. That is where the story sounds suspicious.

The woman, while talking to Fox News, has revealed that the FBI took her cellphone and examined all the conversations she had which also included a short phone call of 50 seconds she received from the stolen phone of Bradley.

When she got her cellphone back, she found out that all her call history had been deleted. The FBI again took back her phone and since then she has not seen it.

Wright said that she didn't know whether Jersey knew Bradley or Irwin.

The 10-month-old baby has been missing for one month. The toddler's family has expressed their pain as the child's first birthday is on Nov. 11.