Days are passing and still there is no sign of Lisa Irwin, the 10-month-old girl who went missing last month.

Kansas City police and volunteers are on a lookout for a proper clue. Most the clues they found during their over one-month search led them nowhere.

The Kansas City police have shutdown a command post set up to investigate Lisa Irwin's disappearance, but the case is still open.

Though there are different theories in the case, yet some of the people who are following the case of the toddler believe that the girl is dead. Dallas psychic Stephanie Almaguer is one of those people who believe that the toddler is no more.

According to a KMBC report, Almaguer has had visions that the baby was accidentally killed in her home and the body was dumped near a former casino near Interstate 435 and Missouri Highway 210. The site is just a couple of miles from the Irwin home.

Volunteers are planning a search of the area around Sam's Town Casino Saturday, hoping that the search operation will bring an end in the investigation.

Almaguer is a school security officer by profession, and predicted the Moragan Harrington case accurately. Almaguer has never been to the locations she talks about in the Lisa Irwin case, but people in Kansas city, after visiting her blog, said the sketch posted on the blog described the site perfectly.

The casino was started in 1995 and got closed in 1998.

Earlier, a retired Kansas City Police officer, Dave Bernard, who was following the case very closely, had also feared the death of the toddler.

You know, at this stage, I don't know. I doubt it. I doubt that she's still alive, Bernard told KMBC.

Bernard was the lead investigator in many cases, including the Precious Doe murder case. Though he retired in September, days before Lisa's disappearance, yet he knows how the police and investigators are approaching the case.

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