The parents of Lisa Irwin, a 10-month-old baby girl who has been missing since Oct. 4, asked people to stop prayer vigils being held in their front yard, on Nov. 29, with little or no reason for their request.

Now, however, Ashley Irwin, Lisa's aunt, has indicated the vigils were diverting people's attention away from the case and it therefore became necessary to stop them.

The focus had totally shifted and it just wasn't about Lisa anymore, Examiner quoted Ashley as saying. The missing baby's aunt went on to suggest that there were additional points responsible for the discontinuation of the prayers.

She [Deborah] never asked that people disband the prayer group or that people stop praying - that's absurd. She just asked that it please not take place in their front yard anymore, she added, defending her sister-in-law, Lisa Irwin's mother.

Lisa's parents (Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley) were reportedly approached several times a day and could not leave their home without being surrounded be curious onlookers, according to statements by Ashley, who further said the couple was finding it hard to live their lives. She also lashed out at volunteers who searched Sam's Town Casino (an abandoned casino a few miles from the Irwin residence, which, according to a Dallas-based psychic, was where Lisa Irwin's body could be found; there has been no official reaction to the psychic's prediction) and also attended the vigil.

The majority, if not all, of those people think that Deborah killed Lisa and dumped her body there, Ashley said, Hence why they were searching there in the first place.

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