Two separate developments involving missing baby Lisa Irwin have broken in the same hour on Tuesday. A baby resembling Lisa Irwin, who has been missing from her Kansas City, Mo., home for over two weeks now, was reportedly spotted at a deli in Manhattan, Kan., according to a local news station there.

Riley County Police told WIBW 13 News that a female witness spotted a baby matching Lisa Irwin's description with two women at McCalister's Deli at about 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Police are now searching for what the witness described as a small black car from around 1998 or 1999 with Missouri license plates.

So far, the car has not been located, but local residents are reportedly hopeful that Lisa Irwin could still be alive.

Despite the news -- the most optimistic since Lisa Irwin went missing on Oct. 4 -- Twitter has been relatively quiet on the sighting, though one person tweeted a photo of the deli where she may have been sighted.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Federal Aviation Administration initiated a no-fly zone over a designated search area in Kansas City near Lisa Irwin's home. The air space will be closed for a two mile radius from the search site.

FBI spokesperson Bridget Patton told NBC investigators had searched the area before, and that no particular development prompted them to search again.

There has been nothing new that has brought us out back here to this location we just feel it's best we come back out here go over the area and make sure there isn't some tip or clue that can lead us into a different direction, Patton said.

Lisa Irwin vanished from her crib sometimes in the late hours of Oct. 3 or the early morning hours of Oct. 4. Her father Jeremy Irwin discovered the ten-month-old missing when he returned home from working the late shift around 3:30 a.m. two weeks ago Tuesday.

Baby Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, has recently admitted she may have been drunk the night Lisa disappeared, and changed her original story of when she last saw her daughter.