A missing Maine man was spotted in the background of a newscast that was set to report on the story that he was missing. Robert McDonough, a 73-year-old who suffers from dementia, had been missing for more than 14 hours before he showed up on the same street in rural Limington that the WMTW News 8 crew was set up on.

McDonough can be seen in the viral video slowly approaching News 8 reporter Norm Karkos, who was preparing to deliver a live report on "News 8 This Morning" early Tuesday.

While Karkos noticed a man walking toward him from the back, he did not think anything of it and proceeded to wait for him to exit the frame. But after a few more glances, it is obvious that the reporter is suspicious.

McDonough eventually identified himself to the stunned news crew who then notified the Maine Warden Service, which had been searching for McDonough since late Monday afternoon.

While the missing man appeared to be in good condition, the Warden Service insisted on taking him in for a blood pressure check-up. In addition, Karkos said he spotted "some blood on McDonough's hand."