Children of the Susan Powell, the missing Utah mother of two sons, will remain in the custody of her parents, according to reports. Judge Kathryn Nelson is believed to have said that the court believes the environment of Josh Powell's home is dangerous because of the presence of sexually explicit material. Josh Powell is the father of the two boys.

The children will now stay with Susan's parents, Chuck and Judy Cox. Josh, however, will have visitation rights - for three hours every Sunday.

Meanwhile, Steve Powell's problems are growing. Steve, who is Josh Powell's father, was once accused of inappropriately discussing sex with children and keeping pornography in his home, against the wishes of his wife.

Associated Press (AP) reported that Steve's former wife, Terri Powell, accused him of talking to his children about birth control methods when they were as young as nine years old. Terri's sister, Becky, said that Steve once told her he had shown his children books about sexual intercourse when they were just six and eight years old.

The AP report also revealed more facts about Steve and Josh's problem with sex and pornography. The report quoted Terri Powell recalling a conversation between the two of them, about a girl Josh's brother Johnny liked.

All she is good for is her body, right Dad? Terri recalled Josh saying.

Yeah, that's right, Steve Powell replied, according to the declaration.

Steve's daughter, Jennifer Graves, in an interview with the AP, said that she called off relations with her father because of the same problems. She recalled a business trip with Steve on which he viewed a porn video while she was with him. At that time Jennifer was just 11 years old.

Looking back, I wonder if he was willing to do that with a 10-12 year girl - his daughter - in the room, what else would he be willing to do?, she said.

Steve Powell was arrested on 14 counts of voyeurism and one count of child pornography. Steve pleaded not guilty to all charges and remains in jail, with a $200,000 bail.

Steve and Josh Powell lived together in the same house, following Susan's disappearance in December 2009, until the charges were announced.

Josh is a person of interest in his wife's disappearance. However, he has yet to be charged in the matter and insists that he is innocent. He continues to wear his wedding ring.