Mission Admission is a series of MBA admission tips; a new one is posted each Tuesday.

Many candidates will work painstakingly on their essays, prepare rigorously for their interviews and endlessly contemplate their choices of recommenders. However, when it comes to completing the short answer sections of their applications, candidates will leave them to the last moment and some will simply paste in information from their resumes or other schools' applications.

The short answer sections, meaning the actual questions within the application about work and community experience, hobbies, etc., should not be ignored, but should be completed with the same spirit of diligence that candidates bring to all aspects of their applications. We advise candidates not to paste bullet points from their resumes, but to contemplate the questions that are asked and write out answers in sentence form. (Further, bullets from a resume often lack the necessary context.) While the information itself is quite important, we consider the overall message, that candidates are giving care and thought to all aspects of their applications, to be crucial.