We at mbaMission try to encourage candidates to get as much noise out of the way as possible before schools release their essay questions. We want our candidates to have the freedom to reflect on their experiences, formally and thoroughly brainstorm, choose ideas, prepare outlines and then truly focus on crafting powerful essays. Essentially, we want our candidates to be unfettered as they engage in what is, for many, one of the most significant creative challenges they will ever face.

So, a simple step such as preparing your resume now will help you remain focused in the future. By preparing your resume now, a process that can require several revisions, you will commit your time at a more leisurely pace, before there is a crunch. Further, you will lay the foundation for brainstorming, by reminding yourself of your most significant accomplishments.

If you complete your resume now, you won't even feel the effects later (except in a good way), and you will definitely thank yourself later for having made this choice.

Note: We recognize that you may have additional accomplishments during the next few months. We suggest that you update your resume now to the extent that you can and then revisit and update your most recent entry one to two weeks before your application deadlines.