Mission Admission is a series of MBA admission tips; a new one is posted each Tuesday.

With the second round interviews flowing from MBA admissions offices this week, we thought that it would be wise to explore an issue that brings endless paranoia to MBA candidates: scheduling interviews. Many schools will give candidates a significant window to schedule their interviews. So, does scheduling one early mean that the candidate is being too aggressive and does not have any other irons in the fire or that one is eager to react and impress the Admissions Committee? Does scheduling an interview later mean that the candidate is sending a signal that he/she is uninterested in the program or that he/she is highly sought after and is interviewing all over the continent?

Well, the reality is that there really is no difference, whether you schedule your interview at the early or late stages of the window offered. The MBA admissions committees recognize that candidates are busy and that their schedules are in flux, due to work, community and personal commitments. The MBA admissions committees are focused on the interviews themselves, not the timing. So, pick a date that works for you, when you know that you can be comfortable and relaxed, not distracted, and start prepping for the interview itself!