MissionIR is excited to announce that in just three months of establishing a presence on Facebook, it has gained over 10,000 Facebook friends. Through its social media accounts, MissionIR provides the latest market news as well as links to in-depth articles on promising companies trading on the AMEX and NASDAQ Exchanges.

A spokesperson for MissionIR, stated, “Since the beginning our main goal has been to connect the investment community with companies that have great potential and a strong dedication to building shareholder value. Obviously the demand for an IR service that puts investors first is very strong and we continue to go to great lengths to ensure the companies we represent adhere to sound business practices.

“In addition to Facebook, Twitter has been a key part of our communications strategy. We are now well on our way to surpassing 50,000 followers and at the current rate will have more than 100,000 by the end of this year. This is an exciting time for our team and we are very pleased with how receptive the investor community has been to our unique approach.”

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