No one wants to win the booby prize, but sorry Mississippi, you just did.

The CDC says Mississippi is the fattest state in the U.S., where 32.5% of people are obese.

And, to make matters worse, obesity among adults increased in 23 states over the past year, with no state showing a major decline.

Health experts are worried. You see for years America has lived in fear of the aging, sickly baby boomers. Well, the time has finally come. U.S. adults, 65 and older, are fatter than ever and will soon strain the Medicare system.

The estimates are daunting. For example, aging boomers in Alabama will mean a 16.4% jump in Medicare patients. Annually, Medicare already spends $1,400 to $6,000 more money on each obese senior every year. So you do the math.

But, kudos to Colorado, only 18.9% people are obese there - thin air, thin people. Go figure.