Mississippi Republican race is a close battle with top three presidential contestants in statistical dead heat, according to the recent polls. GOP voters will choose their presidential candidate Tuesday. The state has 37 plus 3 delegates to offer in the primary.   

According to the latest PPP (D) poll, Mississippi has a tight race with top three contenders in neck and neck competition. Newt Gingrich is leading the race with 33 percent while Republican frontrunner Romney is closely behind by 31 percent support, followed by Rick Santorum at 29 percent and Ron Paul is in the fourth place with 7 percent support.   

The contenders have campaigned heavily in the state as winning the south state is crucial for all the candidates to gain momentum in the race. Romney who is leading in the projected delegates count hopes to grab as many delegates as possible to stop Santorum's momentum. For Santorum, winning the state is important to prove that he is the perfect nominee who can replace Romney.

Gingrich has high stakes in the primaries as a win in the state will boost his candidacy and will help him stay in the race.

Mississippi is an open primary and voters can participate in the elections irrespective of their affiliation. State awards its delegates proportionately on a winner-take-most basis.

Twenty-five at-large delegates are awarded proportionately among candidates winning at least 15 percent of the vote statewide. Congressional district allocates another 12 delegates, three for each district. If a candidate gets a majority in a district, he wins all three delegates.  

Mississippi voters can look up their voter registration status and other information here.

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