Jerry O’Connell might play a “manny” on television, but the “Mistresses” star revealed he has some serious reservations about male nannies in real life … especially if they’re anything like his character on the hit ABC series.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the 42-year-old actor, who has 7-year-old twin daughters with his wife, Rebecca Romijn, dished his thoughts on male au pairs.

“I’m not sure if, given the chance to hire myself as a manny in my family, I don’t think I would allow that to happen,” the actor said. “I’m sorry if that’s closed-minded of me. I just wouldn’t allow that — I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. I would explain to my wife and to my children that I was not comfortable with a manny around.”

Perhaps that’s because O’Connell’s character, Robert, is a bit of a flirt! During the Season 4 premiere of the summer sudser, “Mistresses” viewers were introduced to Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) new nanny. And it didn’t take long before Robert forced audiences’ jaws to the floors when he stole a kiss from the new mom.

“Robert, what are you doing?” Karen said after being caught off guard when her employee tried to kiss her lips. “You are my nanny! This couldn’t be more inappropriate.”

But despite Robert’s steamy mistake, it looks like Karen will find a way to move past Kissgate in the upcoming episode of the sizzling drama. The synopsis for episode 2, titled “Mistaken Identity,” reveals the erotic novelist will grow closer with her manny.

Could viewers expect another lip-locking moment between the two? Tune in to “Mistresses” on Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC to find out.