Well, that’s one way to kick off a Season 2 premiere! Last night the hit ABC series “Mistresses’” returned to the small screen with an episode so hot we woke up this morning sporting third-degree burns.

With that said you’re probably curious as to what happen in episode 1, “Rebuild,” that got fans all hot and bothered. Two words: Daniel Zamora. Daniel, played by guest star Ricky Whittle, is April’s newest lover on “Mistresses” and quite possibly your newest celebrity crush.

After watching the Season 2 premiere, we gave Rochelle Aytes’ character a standing ovation for her bold behavior in “Rebuild.” One pop-art show, two downed-cocktails and a few slurred lines later the daring dame become the subject of everyone’s envy when she managed to score herself a late night art consultation with Daniel at his studio.

Mistresses Season 2 Spoilers Find out what will happen during episode 2 of "Mistresses" here! Photo: ABC Eric McCandless

“I'm going to just say it. We felt that poor April was put through the wringer last year between her husband showing up from the dead and the ex-mistress,” executive producer Rina Mimoun confessed to TV Guide. Steinberg jumped in adding that because of April’s Season 1 misfortune, the “Mistresses” character was going to get her fair share of “great sex” in the new season. And boy, she wasn’t kidding.

But what would a drama be without ups and downs? The Season 2 premiere of “Mistresses” featured some tear-jerking scenes, in addition to the steamy ones, when fans learned the fate of Savi’s baby. Unfortunately, Dom’s child didn’t survive the accident, but Savi has found the silver lining from this tragic event. She’s vowed to “carpe diem [her] face off” from here on out – which you know will make for great television.

So, what can fans expect in episode 2? We’ve been itching to find out ever since the premiere concluded. According to the synopsis of “Boundaries,” fans should expect April to throw caution to the wind when she begins her blissful affair with the handsome artist, Daniel Zamora.

“Meanwhile, Joss and Harry seem to clash over everything when they’re hired to throw a lavish party for a wealthy housewife (guest star Krista Allen). Savi returns to the firm and bristles at sharing an office with stunning new attorney Antonia Ruiz (guest star Rebeka Montoya), who appears to have no sense of personal boundaries. And Karen will face some ghosts from her past when she’s called upon to testify at Elizabeth Grey’s parole hearing.”

Juicy! You can expect all this to go down when “Mistresses” returns to the small screen on Monday, June 9, on ABC at 10 p.m. EDT.

What do you think will happen in episode 2? Should April be weary of her new relationship with Daniel? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Boundaries” when “Mistresses” airs!