If you thought last night’s episode of “Mistresses” was steamier than you expected (thanks to April and Daniel’s late night painting session), than just wait until you see what the hit ABC series has in store for fans when episode 3, “Open house,” airs on Monday at 10 p.m. EDT.

According to the show’s synopsis, viewers can expect a whole slew of drama to occur when the third episode of Season 2 makes its way to the small screen.

“Joss is caught in the middle as mediator when Savi and Harry -- still not talking to each other -- clash over selling their home,” the summary began, while “back at the office, Toni (guest star Rebeka Montoya) continues to be a thorn in Savi’s side.”

Toni is as beautiful as she is conniving, and this scheming scoundrel has her eyes set on Savi’s man.

“I’m just not that into her,” Dom replied, attempting to ease Savi’s mind when she comes to him with her worries. But with “Toni tumbling out of her V-neck” strutting around the office, who can remain poised?

“The more blasé you are, the more worried I am,” Savi replied.

“We chose each other even when it wasn’t the easiest thing to do,” he answered, kissing his secret-lover without closing his office blinds. And who’s there to witness this hot make-out sesh? None other than Toni herself. You better believe we’re curious what she’ll be doing with this wealth of information.

Now for some April drama: “When April learns she has to throw a lavish part for the parents at Lucy’s expensive new private school, it’s Mickey (guest star Joseph May) to the rescue with a bash that no one will soon forget,” the synopsis concluded.

If anyone can throw a party that drops the jaws of snobbish parents, it’s April’s gay BFF. We can’t wait to see what Mickey has up his perfectly tailored sleeve!

Are you excited for episode 3 of “Mistresses”? Do you think Toni is as bad news as Savi does? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into the hit ABC series when “Mistresses” airs on Sunday, June 16.