“Mistresses” will be back on Monday with a new episode that is sure to get your heart racing. Or at least, that’s what we can assume from the hit ABC series’ dramatic synopsis for episode 4, “Friends with Benefits.”

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The summary for next week’s episode explains that Joss will “shell out big bucks” so she and Harry can attend a charity event to acquire new clients. But instead of attracting business, Joss will gain the notice of a handsome plastic surgeon (guest star Justin Hartley). Joss totally deserves this – especially after playing the role of Harry and Savi’s go-between. Now instead of bouncing between her best friends she can sit back, relax and enjoy the company of this blond bombshell.

While Joss is busy daydreaming of her prospective soulmate, “Savi forms an unexpected connection with a new man.” It’s safe to say the “new man” that the summary is referencing to is Zack (played by Jason Gerhardt), the mysterious visitor from episode 3. The boyishly good-looking character made two appearances in Monday night’s episode: once during the first scene at Savi’s open house, and again in the final moments of the episode when he revealed to Savi that he actually came to her home to discuss matters.

“I just wanted to meet you, Savannah,” he said in episode 3. “We need to talk.”

That’s where “Mistresses” left fans – with a pretty steep cliffhanger.

In episode 4, April will introduce her “basket,” Daniel (guest star Ricky Zamora), to her gang. Does that mean things between the painting buddies are getting serious? Sure looks like it! We wonder how this will affect Karen, who is currently feeling a bit blue since Jacob rejected her date proposal.

According to the synopsis, Karen will hit “rock bottom emotionally” after a series of “dating disasters.” Uh oh, it looks like Karen is in for more lame dates filled with pool and buffalo wings.

What are your predictions for the upcoming episode? Episode 4 of “Mistresses” will air on ABC on Monday, June 23 at 10 p.m. EDT.