“Mistresses” will be airing its fifth episode of Season 2 on Monday, June 30, at 10 p.m. EDT. And if you thought Savi was having boy problems before then, just wait until the hit ABC series airs “Playing with Fire.” A new man will strut his way into Savi’s life, creating more chaos for the lead lady of “Mistresses.”

Can you guess who this mysteriously menacing man is? No, it’s not Harry, Zack or Dom. It’s actually Savi’s dear old dad who will be slithering his way into the picture once again. TV Guide revealed that Savi’s issues with her mother will look like a walk in the park compared to what’s in store when her pops comes strolling into town.

John Heard, who is best known for his appearances in “Home Alone,” “Big” and “Awakenings,” will be taking the role of Alyssa Milano’s TV dad. According to reports, Heard’s character walked out on Savi and his family when she was just a little girl. But that hasn’t stopped Savi from putting her dad on the highest of pedestals.

“Savi pretty much blames her mom for all the things she could blame a parent for,” Executive Producer KJ Steinberg explained to TV Guide, “Up until the moment where she confronts her father, [he] can do no wrong. But we will learn just how wrong he can do.”

Any guesses of what Steinberg’s revelation could possibly mean? From the synopsis of episode 5 we know that Savi’s friends and family will express their concerns about her blossoming relationship with Zack. Could her father somehow add more drama to this situation?

Sound off in the comments section below about what you think Savi’s father is doing back in town. What drama do you think her dad will add to the plot of “Mistresses”? Tune into ABC on Monday, June 30, at 10 p.m. EDT to find out.