We know Season 3 of “Mistresses” revolves around the mysterious and gruesome death of Luca (Noam Jenkins) but we have to admit -- we’re more curious to find out if April (Rochelle Aytes) and Marc (Rob Mayes) ever will become a “thing” rather than unveil the murderer responsible for killing Calista’s (Jennifer Esposito) husband. (Honestly, he had it coming to him, right?) And in episode 11 of the ABC drama, fans got a taste of the roommate’s potential romance when April caught a glimpse of Marc in an extremely different light.

After finally breaking up with Blair (Brian White), April noticed that not only is Marc good with kids and in the kitchen, but he’s also kind -- especially to her. This leaves April questioning if the knight in shining armor for whom she’s been searching has been standing in front of her face this time whole time.

Luckily for Mapril-shippers, executive producer K.J. Steinberg teased the relationship between the two will be explored as Season 3 winds down. But, in typical “Mistresses” fashion, the impending couple will face an obstacle that could prevent them from moving forward as romantic partners.

Apparently Marc’s previous relapse could leave April feeling skeptical about igniting a relationship with the recovering alcoholic -- even more so than Marc’s sister being the one who caused April’s husband to leave his family to move to Florida.

“The secret lapse would definitely be more of a threat,” Steinberg told TVLine of what April would struggle with the most. “Miranda (Kate Beahan), you know, isn’t really family [to April], so that hasn’t been an issue for either of them.” But Marc’s drinking binge? Now that could spark some issues for the mom who's looking to create a safe environment for her troubled daughter.

It was then revealed that Marc’s alcoholism will become a major component of the show's storyline in the upcoming episodes of Season 3. Does this mean Mapril fans won’t be getting the lip-locking scenes they’ve been patiently waiting for?

“Mistresses” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.