There’s nothing like a little mother/daughter drama to heat up a storyline, right? And according to reports, that’s exactly what fans of “Mistresses” should anticipate in Season 3 of the hit ABC series when it returns Thursday, June 18.

But whose mother will be making her debut in the upcoming season of K.J. Steinberg's mystery series? TVLine unveiled the answer, teasing that it would be April’s (Rochelle Aytes) mom who would be entering the plot.

Although the role of April’s mom has yet to be cast, it was revealed that “Mistresses” is looking for a “sixty-something African American” to take on the recurring role of mama Marjorie. But that’s not all we know about the show’s newest character. According to reports, Marjorie will make her abrupt and unexpected debut in episode 6 of the new season.

April will reportedly be surprised by her mother’s visit -- especially because the two don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. TVLine explained that the mother/daughter duo doesn’t have the best relationship. Perhaps it has something to do with their very different career choices. While Marjorie is a “well-respected Circuit Court judge,” April has followed her dreams to become a business woman, owning a home furnishings boutique and café.

Although we’re excited to finally meet April’s mother, we can’t help be wonder where Marjorie was during the dead-husband fiasco in Season 1. During the first installment, April’s husband faked his death for financial reasons -- a decision that resulted in April getting blackmailed by Paul’s mistress who wanted to cash in on his insurance money. April could have certainly used her mother’s legal advice then. So, what has sparked Marjorie's desire to visit her daughter now?

Are you excited to meet April’s mother in Season 3 of “Mistresses”? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to the new season on Thursday, June 18, on ABC.