At MIT-Sloan, sustainability is at the heart  of its nonprofit/social entrepreneurship curriculum. Examples of the more than a dozen sustainability-focused courses are Entrepreneurs in Innovations: Information Technology, Energy, Biotechnology and Communications, Leading Profound Innovation for a Sustainable World and Strategic Opportunities in Energy.

In February, 2010, Sloan announced its third specialty certificate option, the Certificate in Sustainability.  Open to all MBA and Sloan-related students (e.g. LGO or Sloan Fellows), the new certificate views sustainability as a function of the interdependent dynamics of economic, societal, and environmental systems, where success overall is influenced by success across all areas and not upon a single factor. Required courses are System Dynamics; Strategies for Sustainable Business; Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab); Professional Seminar in Sustainability and a Capstone course that will launch in Spring 2011.  Students also choose two from a list of 30 electives. In addition to receiving the certificate, students who pursue it will receive access to Summer Sustainability Internships and a special resume book for sustainability.