The Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the Wyoming caucus with 38.99 percent of the total votes polled. The GOP precinct caucuses in the mountain state were held between Feb 9 to Feb 29.

Former senator of Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum came second with 31.93 percent votes, while Texas congressman Ron Paul garnered 20.83 percent of votes. Newt Gingrich was placed fourth with 7.83 percent of votes polled.

The scarcely populated Wyoming is the only state other than Maine which held a month-long caucus process to choose their presidential nominee. The straw poll results will not influence the state's 29 delegates as the caucus is non-binding.

The state's delegates will be elected in two steps. The county conventions to be held on March 6-10 will elect 12 delegates and the state convention to be conducted during April 12-14 will elect another 14 delegates directly.

The victory will help Romney solidify the GOP frontrunner status that he regained after his convincing wins in Arizona and Michigan primaries.