EUR/USD (1.5487)

European & US sessions forecast levels: 1.5380/1.5555

Trend Sessions: European: Neutral/Downward

US: Neutral/Upward

Market Focus:

Daily Strategy: The dollar stop losing against the euro after positive news for the US economy. At the same time the release of US housing data show that the economy is still in downtrend. The one of the moving factor for the dollar is the Fed interest rates politic. The speculations when Fed will start to hike the interest rates move the trading market. Fed have to hold the interest rates at least to August according to analyzers but the politic is necessary to hold the interest rates at least to October. The European Central Bank for more than a year send signals to raise the interest rates but still not raise the interest rates. By this way ECB continue to support the euro without real actions. For today we expect to see temporary recovery of the dollar.