Robert Douglas Jessop, a professor of Sociology and founding director of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Lancaster University, while delivering a lecture on the foundation day of Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial, said only the likes of Nehruvian policy of mixed-economy could bring suitable solution to the world economic crisis and the distorted way of looking at globalization, Economic Times reported.

The integral approach of inclusiveness can only bring the world economy out of stress, Jessop added.

The recently concluded G-20 summit in London has clearly reflected that no hasten policy can be derived to overhaul the economy overnight, he said.

Jessop further said the globalization should not work for exploiting the underdeveloped countries and the developing nations. It should work towards the policies bringing simultaneous growth across the globe and should act as an international forum for global exchange of ideas and bringing overall upliftment of human living across the world in an integral way.

Referring to the political blame game on globalization, he said the political leaders across the globe are taking excuse of globalization for their failed economic policies.

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