The trade deadline is fast approaching.

After the Carlos Beltran deal to San Francisco, there is a bit more interest in the other remaining players, though talks seem to be stalling.

Here are four players that seem to be generating the most interest.

Hunter Pence, Houston. The Phillies appear to be the frontrunners and are willing to part with a pair of promising prospects. The Astros don't necessarily feel the they need to deal him, according to reports. However, the outfielder was almost dealt this week and therefore held out of the game, only to remain with the club. Pence has a .356 on-base percentage, and a .472 slugging percentage.

Interested teams: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston and Cincinnati

Hiroki Kuroda, Dodgers. The Yankees are most interested in the right-hander, but other teams are pursuing Kuroda, as well. It will be interesting to see if he will waive his no-trade clause. Also, the Dodgers are reportedly asking for a lot for the veteran, who signed a one-year deal in the off-season. Kuroda may have pitched his last game with Los Angeles on Wednesday. In typical fashion, Kuroda pitched well (Six innings, one earned run, and six strike outs), yet still got the loss.

Interested teams: N.Y. Yankees, Boston, Detroit

B.J. Upton, Tampa Bay. The Rays will likey hold on to Upton until the end of the season unless they are given an exceptional offer. Upton has 16 homers and 23 stolen bases, but his a hitting a poor .228. It is unclear how much interest Upton is generating.

Interested teams: Washington, Atlanta, Pittsburgh

Ubaldo Jimenez, Colorado. The right-hander's stock is not exactly at its highest point, yet Jimenez is still yielding interest. In his last start, Jimenez surrendered five runs in five innings. The Yankees appear to be more interested in Kuroda, but haven't seemed to back off the Jimenez.

Interested teams: Boston, N.Y. Yankees, Cincinnati, Cleveland