MMR Information Systems Inc. (previously Favrille Inc.) operates through its subsidiary, MyMedicalRecords Inc. (MMR), to provide consumer-controlled Personal Health Records (PHR) and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions. The company today announced that Richard A. Gephardt, who sits on MyMedicalRecords’ board of directors, will collaborate with MMR to raise awareness of the companies’ focus on educating consumers on the importance and timeliness of setting up a PHR.

PHRs give individuals more control over their health and well-being, with easy access to medical records, living wills, passports and other personal information. With the Obama Administration promising for changes in our healthcare system, PHRs are looking more like a worthwhile investment. Gephardt is working with MMR to find opportunities to get stimulus funds to subsidize the cost of PMRs, making them more convenient and cost effective for millions of Americans.

“While President Obama’s commitment to healthcare reform and the Stimulus Bill will change the landscape of healthcare over the next five years, consumers do not have to wait for billions of dollars to be spent before they can take advantage of having a full-featured Personal Health Record now. In just minutes, individuals can build a PHR on the MyMedicalRecords platform that will enable them to store all their Personal Health Records from any healthcare provider,” Robert H. Lorsch, chairman and CEO of MMR Information Systems, stated in the press release.

Computerized health records help eliminate duplicate testing and medical errors, as well as provide easily accessible access to health records via the Internet, thereby reducing wasted costs and costs associated with errors.

“The MyMedicalRecords PHR can help reduce medical costs and improve patient care today and does not require consumers to wait for technology costing billions of dollars before they can start benefiting from a PHR for their family,” Lorsch stated.

According to Gephardt, better management of healthcare and personal records should be at the forefront of both the government and individuals. PHR offers numerous advantages, and he seeks to inform the public of how to benefit.

“Any product or service that can help the public better manage their family’s health status should be considered part of an overall plan created by the government,” Gephardt stated. “It is essential that the private and public sectors create solutions to give Americans both access to affordable, quality healthcare, and at the same time encourage them to make informed choices. A PHR that people can easily connect with, gives them immediate access to their medical records so that it becomes an integral part of their wellness, and ensures their personal privacy, has to be considered a life tool that by its use promotes healthy behavior.”

Gephardt and MMR will attend the upcoming Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition on April 5 in Chicago.