MMRGlobal, through wholly-owned subsidiary, MyMedicalRecords, Inc. (MMR), is a provider of the most sophisticated digital Personal Health Records (PHR) systems on the market, including the professional bundle, MMRPro. The Company announced entry today into a distribution agreement with cellular and wireless equipment reseller PCS International, Inc. for the sale of MMRPro to institutional clients, as well as sale of the MMR PHR (, direct-to-consumer via a network of eleven retail locations, featuring the product as an upgrade for wireless offerings like tablets and smartphones.

With a massive load out of over 120k customer accounts, PCS is a service provider with the capacity to bring the products immediately to select clients in businesses that can use the MMRPro document management and imaging system, businesses ranging from healthcare providers and other hospitals/clinics, to law firms and accountants. A dedicated team of fourteen top sales executives stand poised to marshal an army of over 50 field sales reps at the designated retail locations, ready for the volume of business to business sales this move will no doubt provoke from the market.

The agreement stipulates some $415k in MMRPro systems purchases in addition to the substantial revenue generated from physician deployment of the MMRPro Stimulus Program and MMR PHR direct sales. The MMRPro Stimulus Program offers an ideal methodology for healthcare professionals to greatly surpass revenue generated from government programs, all without any requirement to accept Medicare or other government programs. Having already begun initial shipments in Q2, the Company plans to ship the remainder upon reception of the MMRPro 550MDP, which makes use of the new Kodak Scan Station 550.

Chairman and CEO of MMRF, Robert H. Lorsch, said that PCS has shown its acumen as the first wireless distributor to adopt such sales vectors, breaking new ground in direct to consumer and healthcare to business sales via the wireless channel. Lorsch called this activity with PCS a solid beta test for healthcare at retail’s future and firmly committed MMRF to driving huge growth from the move.

Lorsch pointed to the vast selling services experience of MMR’s management personnel, especially through retail venues like mass merchandisers, office superstores and postal services, including AT&T’s biggest prepaid calling card, Shachihata and Xstamper. Lorsch explained that the cooperative effort with PCS will help to springboard the Company’s January 2012 launch of an expanded retail sales program at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

President of PCS, Muzaffar Vohra, asseverated Lorch’s analysis of the unique opportunity represented by MMRF’s array of products/services and the logistical infrastructure of PCS, even revealing that PCS intends to prompt all of the innumerable smaller retailers in the market which they can access, to offer the PHR products featured in this agreement with MMRF.