MMRGlobal Inc. operates through its wholly owned subsidiary MyMedicalRecords Inc. to provide online personal health records (PHR) and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions for consumers, healthcare professionals, employers, insurance companies, professional organizations and affinity groups.

Jeff Holtmeier, MMR’s representative to China, will travel to Zhengzhou, China, next week to meet with the company’s China joint-venture partner Unis-TongHe (Unis-TH), Hewlett-Packard China, and various other strategic partners to discuss the planned launch of Zhengzhou City’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project.

These plans include a customized version of MMR’s proprietary PHR services and professional document imaging solutions led by MMRPro and the MMRPro/Kodak Scan Station Solution.

MMR’s 10-year joint-venture agreement with Unis-TH is in addition to MMR’s contract with Chartis International, which plans to offer MyMedicalRecords and MyEsafeDepositBox to Chartis policyholders worldwide.

Representatives of the Unis-TongHe MMR Medical Information Technology Service Group joint venture will finalize the plans to start the Zhengzhou City medical records project, which includes MMR’s PHR services and related products.

The initial project will target one-third of Zhengzhou’s population of nearly 7 million, including two administrative regions of Zhengzhou City. The phase 1 trial period is expected to cover 42,231 healthcare professionals that include 16,389 assistant doctors and 16,432 registered nurses.

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