MMRGlobal, Inc. issued a press release yesterday afternoon to publicly announce that their CEO, Robert H. Lorsch, once again won in court the appeal put forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The original complaint was first filed in 2003 and the battle has waged on for nearly 7 years, with Mr. Lorsch refusing settlement to instead fight the case in trial. In the original decision of the case, all charges were dismissed against Mr. Lorsch. The USDA was relentless and filed two separate appeals and has lost both of them as a final ruling was rendered again in favor of Mr. Lorsch in July. The case is now closed.

The lawsuit was centered on violations of the Wildlife WayStation, in which Mr. Lorsch stepped in as “Best Friend” to the WayStation in an effort to save the more than 800 wild and exotic animals that reside in the sanctuary located north of Los Angeles. Lorsch helped the non-profit organization, which has rescued and rehabilitated over 70,000 animals since its inception, correct more than 400 violations to come into compliance and regain its license. Details of the Decision are discussed in an article published on OTC Showcase at

“After the Wildlife WayStation raised and spent millions on compliance and received all necessary permits and licenses from county, state and federal agencies, the USDA filed a lawsuit, apparently with complete disregard for the lives of these animals,” said Lorsch. “The USDA pursued for seven years an organization whose goal is protecting and caring for wild and exotic animals. I still have no idea of the agenda of certain individuals at the USDA other than to waste taxpayer’s money. In the interim, the Wildlife WayStation continues to save the lives of countless animals that otherwise might not exist today.”
Marc R. Hillson, Chief Administrative Law Judge, stated in his first Decision in the case, “In many ways, the government’s case against Lorsch illustrates the maxim that ‘no good deed goes unpunished.’”

Most investors and traders have been exposed to the repeated scams and unethical practices that have long been a part of the Over the Counter (OTC) exchange. If you haven’t, then chances are that you either have not been around it for very long or you are definitely choosing to walk through life wearing a pair of horse blinders or rose-colored glasses. To some extent, the tainted image is not without cause as there has been a long, detailed history of unethical practices that have gone on for far too many years within the industry.

Quite simply, with over 8,000 OTC traded companies, there is simply not enough manpower at the Security and Exchange Commission to regulate it consistently. With that in mind, you can’t completely blame the SEC for the shortcomings of regulatory control. It is up to investors to perform their own due diligence in an attempt to minimize the risk factor when actively searching for an emerging company. Through this research, a person will discover that there ARE companies with Chief Executive Officers and Directors that are genuine and are building their companies with ethical principles as the foundation for shareholder value.

Ethical business practices start at the top of an organization and emanate down throughout the rest of the team. It is something to look for when researching a company. It goes without saying that honesty, integrity and ethical conduct can be found in the leadership of companies that are listed on the Bulletin Boards. It just may take a closer look sometimes.

With this latest decision, Bob Lorsch has demonstrated that ethics and integrity still exist in the OTCBB.

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