Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, known for his savage killings, was shot dead Thursday in his hometown of Sirte.

Publicly called a “mad dog” by U.S President Ronald Reagan, Gadhafi was responsible for a horrific catalog of crimes committed over the past 42 years, including the support of terrorism.

The flamboyant leader was born to a peasant family in Libya in 1942, and was the longest-serving leader in both Africa and the Arab world at the time he was deposed.

Gadhafi, 69, pleaded with his captors, “Don’t shoot,” when they captured him in the drain where he was hiding. However, his pleas for mercy were ignored, and he was shot dead after being dragged onto the streets and humiliated.

He sustained injuries to his head and legs. The wounded dictator died in the middle of a gun battle between National Transitional Council fighters and Gadhafi loyalists.

Here is a roundup of all the exclusive graphic pictures of Gadhafi in his last moments released to date. Several television channels recorded the death scene as his bloodied body was dragged amid the celebrating crowd.

Take a look at the final minutes of the “mad dog,” Moammar Gadhafi.

Al-Jazeera: Moammar Gadhafi Dead - Video