In recent years, online retailers have experienced increased success and growth largely due to the rise in global Internet usage and E-Commerce functionality. Online sales figures released by retailers in 2011 were very impressive, to say the least. Since the start of 2012, more companies have created or expanded their online storefronts in an attempt to capitalize on the trend of online and more specifically, mobile consumer sales.

The Internet retail marketplace has been noticeably improved by innovations to mobile technology. The popularity of tablet PCs and smartphones have accounted for a large percentage of total online sales over the past several years. The mobile phenomenon has attributed to a boost in E-Commerce that has motivated many businesses to enhance their mobile websites and storefronts. The utilization of E-Commerce platforms has become fairly widespread, with even major, international retailers placing a greater emphasis on their Internet presence.

In addition to the focus on E-Commerce, many brands are also building or enhancing their social presence. Internet marketing companies recognize the value of social media as it pertains to not online visibility, but revenue as well. Although most online marketers have been aware of the positive effects of social media for quite some time, retailers have begun to take advantage of networking sites like Facebook as of late. The efforts made by these brands are an attempt to encourage interaction between their customers and drive more targeted Web traffic to their storefronts across both desktop and mobile devices.

As social media becomes more popular on mobile devices, its use as a marketing tool also becomes more evident. Virtually every online retailer can benefit from social media. The massive and diverse user base found on social networking sites is representative of nearly every demographic that can be found on the Web. Those users are also accessing social sites frequently and therefore creating more opportunities to enhance product visibility and awareness on social platforms.

E-Commerce and social media are an effective combination. The use of social networks to promote and share products which are available online has already shown results for many businesses and more companies are currently implementing social media campaigns. 2012 is expected to be an important year for online retailers; for those using social media to market their products, it may prove to be the biggest year for business yet.