“Midnight Star” surprised many fans of the mobile game genre by being a competent and fun mobile first-person shooter (FPS) that just happened to be a free-to-play title. Now the developer of the game, Industrial Toys, has released the first “Midnight Star” update, and it is a massive one filled with various gameplay fixes and a variety of new weapons that should get FPS fans' trigger fingers itchy.

The first feature that many fans will appreciate is the removal of the energy system, which originally limited the use of weapons for certain levels as the energy bars had to reload. Now fans won’t have to worry about which weapons to use and conserve in each level, as they will now be able to use whatever gun they want.

That’s not the only major change in the mobile FPS: Touch Arcade has confirmed that the level of the player no longer limits the various stages in the game. Furthermore, players will now be able to level up their weapons and armor without any stage restrictions.

Pocket Gamer has also confirmed that the new weapons introduced in the “Midnight Star” update can also be upgraded to powerful levels. These new weapons include a new shotgun, a rifle and sniper rifle, respectively, each coming with a dramatic new name to fit the tone of the game’s universe. The shotgun is now called “The Leveler,” while the rifle and sniper rifle are now “Crystal Carbine” and “Vengeance.”

Rounding out the new features for the game is the new role-playing game-like attribute system that players can give to their character. This new system allows players to choose specific upgrades and attributes to match their playing style, so the game now rewards those who either rely on strategy or shoot first and never ask questions; not that anyone can ask enemies anything in the game.

“Midnight Star” is available right now on the iTunes App Store and is still a free-to-play mobile FPS. Fans of mobile games or first-person shooters should give the game a try, especially since so many of the game’s previous issues have now been fixed.

Midnight Star - Announcement Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Gamespot)