Overall, make sure that you are constantly aware of your space limitations. Try to find furniture that is a bit smaller than normal because it will look like a normal size in comparison when it is placed in a small space. Always remember that with a small space comes the huge advantage that you will save yourself a ton of money because in general the smaller a piece of furniture the less it will cost.
Avoid excess furniture such as coffee tables or serving tables. They will only take up more space. Even though a bar might seem like a great idea, most mobile homes do not have the space to pull it off.

One common mistake that mobile home owners make is buying a table that seats 6 people. In general, your home will look much larger if your table only seats 4. This can be an annoyance, but folding tables and folding chairs are pretty cheap so you may want to consider this alternative.
Make sure that you avoid using bright colors in your mobile home. As with any small space, a bright color is going to make it look smaller than it really is. Instead, consider going with neutral wall colors to make your space look larger.

This first thing you need to remember when you are decorating a small space is that you need to avoid clutter at all costs. In addition, you can be happy because decorating a small space means spending less money as you do not have to buy all the home accessories that you will find in the larger houses. Keep it simple when decorating a mobile home. Get a couch that is the right size for the space rather than a huge l-shaped couch that takes up 2 of your walls.

Just because they are known for being small does not mean that mobile homes cannot have the same level of style as any other home. Think of decorating your mobile home as decorating any other small space. There is a fantastic store out there for this called Ikea. It is relatively inexpensive and it is designed specifically for small spaces. In addition, it is an international store that can be found all over the world.

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