Mobile Star Corp. is a developer of coin-operated karaoke vending machines. Founded in 2007, the company began trading on the OTC Bulletin Board with the ticker symbol MBST on September 1, 2009. They specialize in original interactive entertainment applications for the out-of-home consumer markets. Mobile Star Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Even Yehuda, Israel.

Mobile Star Corp. is currently completing development of an entertainment vending machine that provides a personal karaoke experience. The free-standing booth enables an individual to digitally record his or her voice singing to a plethora of songs. The unit then publishes a computerized disc featuring the singer’s voice and the selected background music. The technology utilizes a proprietary digital-media software platform. It also uses professional-grade hardware to significantly improve sound quality and imitate the acoustics of a hall.

Recording studio professionals designed the Company’s vending machine. The cabinets will be deployed in popular recreation areas. These include shopping malls, bars, and theme parks.

Today, Mobile Star Corp. announced that they have filed additional patent applications for their proprietary entertainment vending technology in the United States, Canada, Israel, and the European Union. The Company has previously filed for international patent protection under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and has received approval to apply for national patent protection. Mobile Star filed for patent protection in the United States last year, where the technology is patent pending. They plan to begin marketing the technology to consumers in 2010.

“The filing of patent applications in the United States, Canada, Israel and Europe is an important milestone for Mobile Star,” said Danny Elbaz, CEO of Mobile Star Corp. “Patent protection in these leading nations significantly increases the potential market share for our products.”