Model Cara Delevingne recently shared a photo on her Instagram site that shows her and pal Kendall Jenner playfully licking each other while seeming to be topless. In the photo, Delevingne’s facial expression is quite goofy as she sticks her tongue out toward Jenner’s shoulder. Jenner, meanwhile, seems to be licking Delevingne’s forehead.

While Delevingne wears a gold chain around her neck, Jenner wears blue headphones. Both models keep their hair out of their faces with matching low buns. Delevingne posted the photo Thursday and captioned it simply with a string of tongue and cake emojis and the hashtag “#cake.”

It remains unclear if the women are working on a secret project together and if the photo is part of a photoshoot. It could, of course, be strictly a simple day of fun between the two friends. Apart from walking the most prestigious runways together, Jenner and Delevingne have also been spotted hanging out together outside of work.

Delevingne spent a lot of time with the Kardashian-Jenner clan during last year's holiday season. Delevingne was named an honorary member of the family by Khloe Kardshian after hanging out with her and the rest of the family.

Despite the competitive nature of the modeling industry, Jenner managed to form a close bond with Delevingne and a few other famous models. During the launch of her Topshop line with her sister Kylie, she even managed to joke that her friend had stolen the limelight. The Topshop store where they held a promotional event was filled with images of Delevingne in her own campaign for the brand.