“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter recently posted a creep black and white photo on her Instagram account.

In the snap, the actress is wearing an all-black ensemble that consisted of knee-high boots, mini skirt and a cover up. Her nose also appeared to be covered by a bird’s beak. The 18-year-old actress is standing in front of a wall with the word “Bud” written on it.

Following her post, Winter received flak on social media. Some critics assumed that the actress is high on weed. Other bashers claimed that she’s indecent for wearing the provocative attire and posing in front of a wall with the word “Bud.”

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This is not the first time that the young actress has been criticized on social media. Over the past couple of months, Winter has been posting extremely sexy photos of herself from her recent trips. Some of the snaps did not sit well with her critics, and many fans were quick to say that they are inappropriate.

However, Winter is no longer bothered by what other people have to say about her. While speaking with E! News, the actress admitted that she’s received tons of negative comments about her physical appearance, and it took her some time to shrug it off. “It turned out I never would fit that standard, so I kind of gave up on that and started focusing on the relationship I have with myself. Now, I go to post a photo and I don’t care what people write on my picture. If you don’t like my photo, you can go unfollow me,” she said.

On top of her newfound confidence, Winter also receives support from her boyfriend, Levi Meaden. Just recently, couple was spotted vacationing in China.