Final results of Moldova's general election show the ruling Communist Party has won 61 seats in the 101-member parliament, one seat short of a majority required to elect the next president without coalition talks.

In Sunday's elections, the Communists won half of the seats, pushing the center-right opposition Liberal Party and the Liberal Democratic Party far behind.

Declaring the official results Wednesday evening, Moldova's Central Election Commission said the Communist Party won 60 seats, and that all voting registers were open to public inspection.

Opposition parties won 41 seats, with which they can now block the election of a new president.

Anti-communist protesters stormed Moldova's parliament Tuesday, accusing that the Communist Party won Sunday's general election through fraud.

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin countered the allegations, saying that the protests were a part of attempts to overthrow his government.

He accused neighboring Romania of instigating violent protests against the newly-elected Communist government, and declared the Romanian ambassador persona non grata.

As per the Moldavian constitution, President Vladimir Voronin cannot continue in power, as he completes two terms in office, beginning from 2001.

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