Moldova's president has accused neighboring Romania of instigating violent protests against the newly elected Communist government, and declared the Romanian ambassador in the Eastern European country persona non grata.

Wednesday, president Vladimir Voronin said the protests were a part of attempts to overthrow his government.

It was followed by Moldavian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration summoning Romanian Ambassador to Moldova, Lidia Gucu, for consultations.

Reports said Moldova has decided to expel Gucu and to introduce visa requirements for its Western neighbor.

Meanwhile, opposition activists restarted protests in front of the Cabinet building in Chisinau, the Moldavian capital, where Voronin is meeting with the representatives of public organizations.

Police said they regained control of the president's office and parliament after anti-communist protesters stormed the government buildings Tuesday, accusing that the Communist Party won Sunday's general election by fraudulence.

About 10,000 protesters carrying European Union, Moldavian and Romanian flags gathered outside the parliament building, demanding new elections and shouting anti-Communist slogans.

Clashes between protesters and security forces left many people injured, from both sides.

Moldova, landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, is one of the poorest countries in Europe.

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