Death by sex has become quite the common demise for characters on the small screen nowadays. From King Henry (Alan van Sprang) humping his lover out a window during “Reign” to Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) sending anyone who entered her bed into a hemorrhaging fit in “American Horror Story: Coven,” it seems as though characters from our beloved TV series aren’t safe when they hit the sack.

The most recent character to experience death by intercourse was Christy’s (Anna Faris) dear old dad on the hit CBS series “Mom.” Yes, Alvin Biletnikoff (Kevin Pollak) found himself gasping his final breath during the episode “Three Smiles And An Unpainted Ceiling.”

So, what exactly led up to Alvin’s passing? Well according to the episode, it all began when Christy’s dad moved into a vacant apartment across the courtyard from her and her family. Bonnie (Allison Janney) decided to make the best of the situation by rekindling her love with her old flame and christening Alvin’s new place. However, their dream-like romp turned into a flaming disaster when Alvin endured another heart attack while giving Bonnie oral sex.

“[Chuck Lorre] pulled Anna and me aside and told us at the same time what was going to be happening. Initially we were very surprised — ‘Why, oh why? Did Kevin get a better job??’” Janney revealed to TVLine about the creator’s decision to kill off Pollak's character. “We were sad, because it was so much fun to play with Kevin. But Chuck was afraid that these characters were getting too comfortable.”

Janney explained that the root of the series “Mom” isn't warmth and security but two women who manage to survive everything despite the obstacles being thrown at them – including the death of someone they love. “I think that ultimately there was more to be gained from having something like this happen, to watch how they deal with it. It might be helpful or relatable to someone out there, as with every issue we deal with on the show,” the Emmy-award winning actress stated.

The series has touched upon alcoholism, cancer, gambling, teen pregnancy and now the two-season show has even covered the topic of sudden death and grief. “Ours is not a TV land where everything is rosy and perfect,” she concluded.

But we do have some good news for all those mourning the loss of Alvin. According to Farris, fans should anticipate the goofy character's reprisal on the series in "diffrent, various ways." Do we sense "Mom" flashbacks?

"Mom" will return with more Season 2 when episode 12, "Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony," airs Thursday, Jan. 29.