Lots of  Mid teens  over  eastern  MT  eastern WY   western ND western  SD  this  morning  with   L and M 20s over  most  of the rest of the  Upper  Plains   into   central MN and northern WI... and into  western  KS.   Des Moines   stayed at  36  Omaha at 32   Chicago  40  KC 41   St Louis 43 and Amarillo  was    43.

Besides the   current   SOUTHERN rain  event the next event   OCT  13-14   comes a  bit  furthern North with 1-2 rains into  northern ARK and southern  MO and far southern  ILL  into  sw KY.   A  Major  Low  hits     the West coast  Tuesday night/ Wednesday . The system will become a   significant   Eastern US Low  for  OCT 15-16  but the models  again  overnight  are keeping this  Low  to the that  heavy rains  fall over the  Deep South  then into the   East Coast... and by passing most of the  Midwest.   Perhaps  southern  IND and OH   wlill see some rains   10/16.

There  may be another   East Coast  Low  10/18  but after that the  Pattern shifts to the  West coast.  A new systm  enters the  West coast  10/118  and  moves into the  central Rockies and  central Plains  10/19  bringing  with it   moderate  rains  that will move into the the  WCB ...  followed  by  another  systen  10/22  and 10/23   that    threatens  to bring   more rains  to the   Plains  and Midwest.