Mobile marketing solutions provider Montavo Inc. today announced the completion and submission of a patent application for U.S. protection of its “System and Method of Delivering Ads.” Montavo said it is also filing for protection abroad in countries participating in the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

If awarded, the patent will protect the company’s foundation technology used to power its Montavo Mobile Advertising Platform (mMAP). The proprietary technology revolves around specific, integral components and integration technologies needed to confirm in-store sales driven by mobile advertisements.

Montavo’s technology is unique in that ROI (return on investment) measurements are based on physical in-store purchases stemming from push and pull advertisements delivered to consumers on their mobile phone. The mMAP solution doesn’t require additional hardware or software in the store or POS system; there is also no need for additional interaction between store associates and consumers or their mobile phones.

Montavo said it expects to release its Mobile Ad Spend Speedometer to advertisers in the second quarter of 2010. The technology is a real-time, online reporting tool that allows advertisers to track ROI, including revenue and profits from mobile advertising campaigns launched through mMAP.

“Continuing to pursue intellectual property protections for Montavo’s proprietary technology is a high priority,” Brook Lang, CEO of Montavo stated in the press release. “As we prepare to launch the Montavo Mobile Ad Spend Speedometer™ and other advertiser focused tools in both domestic and international geographies, it is imperative that we continue to aggressively protect our proprietary platform, technologies, ad delivery methods and ROI performance metric system.”

Lang said the technology’s ability to capture, measure and report purchases attributable to mobile advertising campaigns is beneficial to consumers and advertisers.

“We’re optimistic that our tool set will help advertisers that understand the importance of utilizing technology to measure the returns generated on dollars spent on mobile advertising campaigns,” he stated.