Montavo, Inc., – developer of the patent-pending Montavo Mobile Advertising Platform (mMAP), a mobile marketing platform that seamlessly ties together client-side mobile device software architectures and highly-relevant, location-based deals and information about real-time product and service advantages, disclosed yesterday that the mMAP platform’s end-to-end testing has been completed with rousing success.

The mMAP platform offers unprecedented analytical capabilities for advertisers to validate the cost-effectiveness of advertising in real-time, and Rev 3.0 (launch date slated for Q3 2010) represents a major leap forward for the Company’s overall commercialization efforts to date.

Historically the ROI transparency (ad spend to profit ratio) of in-store sales has been hard to quantify for advertisers. All of that has now changed with the advent of mMAP, which allows advertisers to take the entire lifecycle of a mobile marketing campaign, from design through deployment and management, and statistically measure the specific sales revenue, profit, and ROI impact which can be directly attributed to the campaign.

This is a paradigm shift in mobile advertising, but MTVO didn’t stop innovating there. They have also developed the Montavo Mobile Ad Spend Speedometer™, a dashboard reporting tool which allows advertisers to develop comprehensive, real-time management capabilities for the entire campaign.

This means that advertisers can tweak the campaign to yield maximum returns by setting ROI targets and optimizing the ad expenditures without any integration at the POS. No bar codes, no training of staff or associates, no additional demand on the consumer or their mobile device, and no hardware deployment in the field is required.

CEO of MTVO, Brook Lang, expressed excitement about the imminent release of mMAP Rev 3.0 and its truly groundbreaking ability to maximize the profitability of mobile campaigns and offer advertisers a way to really see how effective the money they are spending is via a means which discretely quantifies revenue and profit generation in-store.