Throughout August, the STO is displaying a special feature on a different tourist attraction each day on its convention bureau website (www.miceseoul.com).  The STO and is also offering special giveaways relating to that attraction in order to increase awareness and interest.


Each week of August, a new themed week of prizes is unveiled to event participants. Last week's Dramatic Seoul section saw participants win 36 tickets to Seoul's top theatrical performances. Shows included popular favorites Nanta, Bibap, JUMP, and Ballerina Who Loves B-boy. This week's MICE Seoul offers the chance to win vouchers, discounts and tickets to top attractions at meeting venues throughout the city, including Coex, National Museum of Korea and Seoul Marina Club & Yacht.

Week 3 of the Seoul Sizzling Sweepstakes will focus on Exciting Seoul, offering free admission to amusement parks, kimchi-making classes, water parks, and more, while Week 4's Delicious Seoul prizes will be vouchers and gift certificates for a variety of restaurants and bars.

As the event continues throughout August, the STO looks forward to more participation, as it hopes to introduce more visitors to Seoul's exciting and varied attractions.

Details and simple rules regarding participation can be found on the website of the Seoul Convention Bureau (a division of Seoul Tourism Organization) www.miceseoul.com/promotions, or on Twitter (www.twitter.com/miceseoul), and Facebook (www.facebook.com/miceseoul).