If we observe our analysis on EURJPY for the month of July, price followed our trading plan without any hesitation. Our direction on EURJPY is absolutely right. The weekly and daily analysis on this pair went just as we predicted in advance.





Look at the images to see how EURJPY moved according to our suggestions. We clearly mentioned in our analysis that 130.00 to 113.35 zone will be a critical zone for EURJPY, which indeed proved to be absolutely right!

Our Weekly and Daily Analysis went as we predicted . We request you to go through all our previous Daily

and Weekly Analysis to check out how they went. We always strive for excellence to give our followers the best information with accurate and precise analysis.

Anyone who had followed our analysis must have been in the right side of the market and must have made good number of pips into their account and their confidence on each trade must have been increased by understanding the price behavior in advance.

Click on the links below to see complete July weekly and daily analysis.

EURJPY Weekly Analysis 19-July-2010

EURJPY Weekly Analysis 26-July-2010

EURJPY Daily Analysis 29-July-2010

EURJPY Daily Analysis 30-July-2010

We hope everyone who followed our analysis made good number of pips in to their account and helped you in improving your trading.

We wish everyone Happy Trading :)

TopPips Team.