There's still time for trades ahead of the start of the 2011 NFL season, but a much talked about deal that would have left Tim Tebow with less competition for the starting quarterback job in Denver has fallen through.

The Miami Dolphins made a move Friday to acquire quarterback Matt Moore in a two-year deal that could create competition for the Miami quarterback position amid a report that a deal to acquire the Denver Bronco's Kyle Orton was dead.

Moore has mostly played a backup role during his career with the Carolina Panthers. Miami's starter last year Chad Henne told reporters on Friday of the deal ahead of any official announcement, according to the Associated Press.

"Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Dolphins will not acquire [Orton]," the Sun-Sentinel reported, citing an unnamed source.

The Denver Post reported the deal fell through over Orton's contract, not draft-pick compensation. Orton may still be traded to another team, however.

Nevertheless, the non-deal leaves the competitive landscape in Denver wide open.

On Friday in Denver, Orton took snaps at the team's practice session along with Tebow, and a third quarterback,  Brady Quinn. Head coach John Fox considers Orton to be ahead of the pack for now.

"He's starting the depth chart at number one," Fox told reporters on Friday, according to the Denver Post.

"I'm excited to lead the team," Orton told reporters. "Obviously, coming off the couple of years that we've had, everybody's got to get better, myself included."

Asked if he would embrace the role of backup if Tebow won the spot, he said that wasn't his expectation.

"I don't plan on being a backup. I know where my game is at and I certainly don't plan on being a backup," he told Sporting Radio Interviews.

Meanwhile, Tebow said he expected no favors.

"You don't want anything to be handed to you and I think that's the great thing about these coaches, it's that nothing's going to be handed out. You're going to have to go earn it and work for it."

When asked if he thought he could beat Orton for the top spot, Tebow said he was excited to try to do so.

"I'm excited about the opportunity to just go out here and compete and I'm gonna work hard every day to do so. And ultimately, the job of the quarterback is to lead the team, score touchdowns and win games. And so I'm very excited about getting the opportunity to try to do that," he said.