Man, I absolutely loathe Apple ! The company will absolutely not stay out of the news (part of that is thanks to genius marketing and timing by one Steve Jobs), and it will not stop moving higher. I hate being wrong, and man was I wrong on Apple, several times. Again, I just can not ignore the overwhelmingly bullish sentiment toward the firm, of course, I also can not deny how well it has performed. Well, about an hour ago, Steve Jobs announced that he had sneezed, and the stock has advanced. Okay, just kidding, but after this morning's news, more news wasn't necessarily needed.

Apparently, the gods of all things Apple have decided to allow third-party applications on the iPhone, as Jobs announced on the company's Web site. The decision is an about-face from Apple's earlier desire to control the applications that consumers have on the Jesus phone. Jobs stated that the company intends to release a software development kit in February (no price mentioned) that will allow people outside the company to create iPhone and iPod touch applications. Jobs stated, we are excited about creating a vibrant third-party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users. Whatever, you can say whatever you want Mr. Jobs, and it appears that your stock will continue to rise. I hate Apple.