More singles are buying homes in suburbia, reports Coldwell Banker, which conducted a nationwide survey of single home owners on the factors that motivated them to buy.

Here are some figures that reflect the reasoning behind their choices:

  • 52 percent chose the suburbs over urban or rural areas.
  • 53 percent of single home owners said they purchased a home because it was a better deal than renting.
  • 68 percent chose a home priced lower than they could afford.
  • Of the 13 percent who own their home jointly with another person, 49 percent made the purchase with their parents.
  • 55 percent have less than a 30-minute commute to work.
  • 40 percent live within 30 minutes of their parents or extended family.
  • 27 percent of women thought the number of bedrooms were important, while only 18 percent of men felt the same way.
  • 38 percent of men would consider buying a foreclosure, while only 29 percent of women would consider one.