While copper prices are showing signs of weakness to start today, the copper market losses from this week's highs aren't nearly as severe as the losses seen in the rest of the precious metals markets. However, the fear of global slowing was seemingly extended overnight and it would seem like the trade generally thinks that US numbers will be just good enough to leave near term easing from the US Fed off the table. With Asian equities coming away from this week's surprise Chinese deposit rate reduction with a mostly negative track and easing action from the BOE and ECB, one gets the sense that most players are seeing the global economic cup to be half empty at the start of trade today. With Shanghai copper stocks for the week rising by 15,795 tons to stand at 155,237 tons and Chinese demand talk overnight seeing predictions of steady imports, there wouldn't appear to be much conviction from the bull camp to alter a weaker initial track in copper prices today. In fact, with adverse currency market action, weak global equity market action and early declines being seen in a host of physical commodity markets, the bull camp probably needs something very surprising from the US payroll report to alter the initial weak bias in prices. LME copper stocks overnight rose by 1,725 tons to stand at 254,450 tons.