The copper market has avoided noted pressure overnight despite an extension of global slowing expectations and widespread disappointment with the latest FOMC meeting minutes release. In other words, economic expectations are very low and seemingly poised to deteriorate, and therefore demand for physical commodities, like copper, could be a factor that continues to weigh on prices. Cushioning copper prices this morning is somewhat higher Asian copper price action overnight and perhaps copper is attempting to draft some support off expectations of a slight decline in US claims figures later this morning. News of a large Chinese investment in a Zambian copper mine could suggest to some, that ultimately Chinese demand for copper will remain strong, but in the short term it could be difficult for nearby copper prices to hold above this week's lows. On the other hand, weaker US equity market action and deflationary vibes wasn't enough to force a return to this week's lows in the early action today and perhaps the US claims readings will be just enough to firm up support just under this morning's early copper trade. LME copper stocks overnight declined by 975 tons to stand at 251,375 tons.