October RBOB prices grinded higher during the initial morning hours but were contained inside of yesterday's range. While reports of Gulf Coast refinery damages from Isaac have been slow to come in, the latest estimates from the Energy Department indicate that 12.0% of Gulf coast refining capacity has been halted. This could be offering the RBOB market a level of support this morning. October RBOB prices garnered support from EIA inventory data yesterday that showed US gasoline supplies falling by 1.509 million barrels last week to a new three month low. EIA gasoline stocks are 7.414 million barrels below last year and 3.697 million below the five year average. Average total gasoline demand for the past four weeks was down 1.05% compared to last year. Gasoline imports came in at 690,000 barrels per day compared to 777,000 barrels the previous week.